Our History

Snug is at heart a family-owned business with the creation of the Snug being created years prior as a comfy and warm garment to keep us cosy in the winter nights. The Snug is now a staple of our evening ritual to relax.

Initially we never thought to produce these but from having family and friends comment on the texture and look of the Snug we knew we had to make more. If only to be able to keep our friends and family from leaving with ours.

We believe that clothes should be something that you feel comfortable and happy to wear without the worry of the gradual break down and wear & tear of so many of today’s cheap mass-produced products. Many of which only last a year or a couple of washes at most before becoming thread-bare. With Snugs we lovingly hand craft each and every one to perfection. With over 25 years in the fashion, textile, theatre, Tv & film industries we have some of the most accomplished and talented design professionals at our finger tips. What’s more as the fabric comes from British companies, we aim to help keep the British textile industry alive, keeping us tied to the grass roots of our home in Yorkshire.

We love using our Snug outdoors to keep cosy on family get together or indoors cuddled up on the sofa with a good book, glass of wine and a dog on our feet. Hood up and fall asleep feeling all warm in our Snug.

With a very simple pattern that makes a very generously fitting snug, one size will usually fit everyone, the purpose of the Snug is to be a relaxed fit with extra length to wrap around you, slide your hands into the opposite sleeve and not feel restricted. Although stylish the Snug wasn’t intended to be a fashion item to strut your stuff down the high street or on nights out. The Snug is more for helping you to relax and unwind at the end of a hard week with a hug from your Snug.

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